Welcome at NU.  I  offer personal coaching and mindfulness.

About me
I am a psychologist (MSc Clinical Psychology at UvA), coach and mindfulness trainer. This means I have a solid theoretical foundation in understanding behaviour, emotions and relationships. On that foundation I have integrated methods from different fields. For example mindfulness, NLP, Systemic work, working with the body, breathing techniques.

How does it work?
We start with an intake to explore your question and determine whether NU is the right place for you. After the intake, the individual coaching sessions follow. On average people do 5 – 10 sessions. This can be more or less, depending on your preference. We work towards a clear goal. The one-hour sessions take place weekly, or bi-weekly, according to your preference. At the end of the coaching path your goal will have been achieved or you will have attained tools to be able to continue working on your goal on your own.

A session costs €85,- (incl tax) or €150,- (ex tax) business rate.

Interested? To receive more information about NU or to make an appointment please send an email or call me 0648368203.